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Creativeness and Professionalism for business Development

Faedi & Co. specialized in launching new technologies, developing new business strategies, finding new solutions for marketing, sales, financial resources and setting up joint ventures.

Faedi & Co. cooperate successfully with leaders in alimentary, metal-mechanical, agro-industrial, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Faedi & Co. is expert in developing market penetration plans using conventional strategies as well as new techniques like B2B and e-commerce.

One of our main activities is commercialization of Italian products to single companies and large-scale distributors both in Italy and abroad.

Among our Italian customers we have Coop Italia, Conad, Carrefour,...

Faedi Fabrizio [Via Montanari Leonida, 17 - 47023 CESENA (FC) - ITALY]
Tel: +39 0547 21869 - Fax: +39 0547 367994 - E-Mail: info@faedis.org